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Royal Eagle Petroleum (REP) is a newly established corporation that provides fuel products supplies, transportation services, import and export of fuel from central Asia to various places. Royal Eagle Petroleum is committed to providing its unique services to its clientele in the conflict zone and extreme weather conditions. Royal Eagle Petroleum provides complete service of sourcing, transporting, storing and delivery of products on behalf of our client. We are able to get better prices from oil companies/importers/traders due to our large quantity of product requirements on behalf of our many customers.

We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a better supply chain process to deliver the best quality of fuel services to our customers & partners. To be a leading supplier of petroleum products, sales and service company in the organizational and consumer markets.


The company’s objective is to provide customers with quality petroleum products at competitive prices and flexible sales and service network nationwide. Royal Eagle Petroleum specializes in the supplying, sale, and service of fuel as well as various commodities and transport sectors throughout the country. Royal Eagle Petroleum operates a flexible sales and service system throughout the country, emphasizing excellence in service to all its customers.




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Royal Eagle Petroleum

Why Choose us

To be an iconic oil company to be most admired by its people, stakeholders and ecofriendly.

Support our clients to achieve their full potential through our quality of fuel product that REP supply.

We foster collaboration while encouraging individual contribution and responsibility.

We are honest with ourselves and others. We meet the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings.